Saturday, June 20, 2009

No new photo's today, but I want to send my congratulations and appreciation to Kristina and Melissa, who have bought Buddy( renamed Cadence, I like it!) and Peanut. I wish you both a long, happy partnership with your new horses. I'll miss them, but I feel like they are placed with the best possible people. There will be new photos soon of other geldings we've brought in to be ridden, and of some nice fillies we have out back. Check back soon!
thanks, Sarah

Friday, June 5, 2009

Ginger after our ride. Sorry if the blog is a little goofy, new posts go on top so sometimes the info is kinda backward. Scroll Down for more on Ginger and Peanut. :)

This is Ginger. She is a 7/8 yr old Montana Traveler mare. Approx. 14.1 HH. I broke this pretty little chestnut as a 3 yr old. I can't remember if that was 4 or 5 years ago. I never had any trouble with her and we did all kinds of arena work and rode up in the mountians near my home.She is soft and gentle and an absolute beauty! We took her out of the big pasture today, same as Peanut (below) and she let us halter her and load her with no resistance at all. This impresses me because as far as I know no one has messed with her since I brought her back to Chucks 4 or 5 years ago. She was quiet and content for the serious grooming/ detangeling session before we rode and she was co-operative for her feet and saddle. She remembered her ground work well. After a moment of nerves when I went to get on her, (nothing nasty, just a little dancing around) she settled right down and went to work for me. She was working her bit alot, so I'm sure the Tom Thumb I put her in was to much, but she still worked well with no serious upset. I'll put together an egg-butt snaffle to fit her pretty little head next time, so she is more comfortable. I'm confident that with a week or so of tune up this mare will be trail ready!

This is Peanut. He's a 10 yr. old quarter horse gelding, approx. 14hh. He is smart and curious, and is the first to come to see whats going on. He has been ridden off and on for years. Today we drove out to the big section, put a halter on him and loaded him up in the trailer.He seemed excited to do something.The first time I rode him, I was under the impression that he was broke but needed a tune up, so I was a bit frustrated with what I saw as his unwilingness to try for me. I called Chuck to talk about this and was told that Peanut was in fact not broke at all, not even to saddle. So this sweet stubborn little thing wasn't refusing me, he just had no idea what I wanted! We got along much better after that. Besides being overweight from years on pasture at his leisure, he is a handsome little thing. His left ear is slightly mis-shapen, but I find it endearing. Im hoping to find the perfect partner for Peanut, some teeaged child or smaller adult, that can appreciate his laid back, and in your pocket attitude.