Monday, July 20, 2009

Say hello to the littles!! These are a few of our young stock. Mostly fillies but 2 colts as well. There are two black bay yearling geldings and one more jet black yearling stud colt that aren't pictured here. I haven't taken new ones since they grew big and shiney this summer. Our ladies need to find a home, Some one to train them, love them and make something of them. There is apparently not enough interest in Mares to justify spending my time on them so they are either untouched, or haven't been used in years. But take a good look at the lines on these gals and tell me they won't make a great ride. If you want them halter broke the price will increase, but as is they are priced to move. Call your local horse trainer, grab some cash and come pick one out!

Same two fillies below, they're just cute. 1(bay) and almost 2 years(grey)

pretty Spook. Proven brood mare, arab/andalusian cross. Broke to ride, a fun ride but head shy so the bridal needs to be unbuckled. Thats how she got her name

This big fattie needs to work. Proven brood mare.She's wearing chucks brand so she must be broke, but I havent tried her yet. I don't know how she rides, But she looks like a powerhouse

Rasta is a 2 year old, tall and better balenced than she looks in the pic. Her Dam Jodi is a pretty, big, black mare that was a pleasure to train and is very sweet and willing

This mare is 3 or 4. Its a mystery who her dam is, forgotton in the shuffle, but most likely the big black mare above. Good looking lady!

yearling bay filly

Apple and a dark grey.

yearling Chestnut stud colt

yearling Sorrel stud colt

coming 2 years, will be a deep steel grey, should mature into a solid mare.

This is Apple! 3 years old, short and sturdy, beautiful buckskin(ish) roan. Have her trained for a kids pony.I can just imagine her teaching little girls how to post and jump.

3 years old. lovely dapple grey. She's one of 2 that are almost twins. she's super friendly and curious.

3 years old. Very similar to the above filly, but darker grey. well built and wants to be friendly if the other fillies would give her a chance.

Friday, July 3, 2009

This is Crow. Hes a 5 yr old Traveler/Andalusian gelding. He is a beautiful boy! Flashy and Sassy! About 15.1 hh. I think he is a good show prospect, but if you just want to trail ride, you'll have the prettiest horse on the trail. I put him in an eggbutt snaffle because he has a very soft mouth and it's more than enough to stop and turn him. He was pretty shy when we started, but after only 3 workouts he's mellowed out a lot, So I think with some hours under a light handed rider he'd be perfect. This is my kind of horse, a little hot, sensitive, responsive, smooth, something you really have to ride. I look forward to our schooling sessions and I think he's starting to as well.

This is Tuff. He is a 5 yr old Montana traveler gelding. He's got a lot of zip, and great balance, so he may be a real cutting or barrel prospect. He's quiet, friendly, and curious. In the few short rides we've had together he's tuned into me nicely. I only expect him to improve! He is Leroys full little brother, about 15 hh, and a nice chestnut with gold highlights. A bath would turn him into a bronze statue. He's too smart for beginners, but an experienced rider would have a blast with this horse.

This Is Ringo. He is the newest employee of the Wytana Livestock Co. Congrats to Mike and Sarah. I hope He'll give you years of faithful service. I hope also that the filly( not pictured) gives you a pleasant challenge, she's a smart cookie, but a sweet one. You obviously have great taste in horses:) I plan on posting pictures tonight of Tuff and Crow, 5 yr old geldings, Hopefully before they've sold;)

I can't rope. At all. I was aiming at the post in front of me, caught the poor fellow behind me.