Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Buddy. 6 yr old gelding. He's got alot of morgan in him. He's alot of horse so not for beginners, but he's a really nice ride. Willing to work, and seems to enjoy our little schooling sessions. He reins well and works off your leg cues. He's currently my favorite( don't tell my mare) He's shy till he gets to know you so he needs a partner, a friend and a job.

This huge fellow is Mighty Rich. ( Chuck named him Richard, bllghh, fine for a man, but for a horse??) He's probably close to 17 hh. He's just beginning his re-education. I'm not sure who put the first 30 days on him but hes generaly terrified of people. He has made big improvements in the last week, so I have a lot of hope for him. He leads and lunges well, stands tied and is good with his feet he can be saddled and we're working now on serious sacking out and learning to trust one another. If there is a special person out there that can give him a chance, he has huge potential.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Leroy. 9 yr. old gelding. Very smooth, gaited. I'll have some video hopefully soon, but I'll have to figure out how to do it. Im a horsie girl, not a techi one.

Danny. He's a sweetie, walks out well, but not so gaited:) More of a stock type horse. He's somewhere in between green and seasoned. He likes to be laid back, but is willing to work. fantistic trot, comfortable all around.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mr Peabody! Holy moly this horse is something! 5 yr old stud, the biggest and proudest of em all. He hasn't been started because we need to spend our valuable time on more willing, docile animals. A magnificent challenge for a real horseman, He's a wonder to watch. No bad manners, not agressive, Just a real powerhouse.
Sorry these pictures are so dark,I must have had the camera on the wrong setting. I'll have pics of the broke horses under saddle if it stops being so cold and snowy here.( I know it looks nice out in the pics but thats why I ran out to take some) Im not certian of the ages of all of them, but the owner knows every one. I'm just the trainer/rider/manager. We have alot of stock to keep up with, and its just trying to be spring so...GRRR, I cant ride them as much as I'd like. They need jobs and homes and someone to love them. We'll do our best to match people to horses, as we have some in all stages of training, From raw stock( the filly below) to halter broke, started under saddle, greenbroke and broke. Come back soon for more pictures. She is a beautiful liver chestnut. 2yrs old.She will make somebody proud someday!
Buddy. He's a broke gelding, 7 years old? Not for beginners but a great ride for someone with some skill.

This is Levi. 3 yr old colt, Still a stud for a short while. Greenbroke and going well, just under 30 days on him. A real gentleman with a soft touch

Danny(in front) 4 or 5 year old gelding. He's a mellow boy, easy to handle, broke to ride, just needs miles( thats Buddy in back)

Lightning!! Our other stud muffin. He gets some lovely foals on our mares. Broke to ride. (the 16 years old neighbor girl always wants to take him out instead of her horse;)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

its a race!

one of Johnny's colts, Ceder

such handsome devils

she's a looker!

Lovely grey filly
A few of our curious herd


Our stud Johnny. Andalusian cross, a sweet and handsome horse