Monday, July 20, 2009

Same two fillies below, they're just cute. 1(bay) and almost 2 years(grey)

pretty Spook. Proven brood mare, arab/andalusian cross. Broke to ride, a fun ride but head shy so the bridal needs to be unbuckled. Thats how she got her name

This big fattie needs to work. Proven brood mare.She's wearing chucks brand so she must be broke, but I havent tried her yet. I don't know how she rides, But she looks like a powerhouse

Rasta is a 2 year old, tall and better balenced than she looks in the pic. Her Dam Jodi is a pretty, big, black mare that was a pleasure to train and is very sweet and willing

This mare is 3 or 4. Its a mystery who her dam is, forgotton in the shuffle, but most likely the big black mare above. Good looking lady!

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